The rules on electric bikes in the UK

So what's the rules for buying, owning and using an electric bike in the UK?

Firstly you have to be a minimum age of fourteen to ride and electric bike in England & Scotland. Our electric bikes can be ridden here in the UK without the need of a license, road tax or insurance. Be very careful though because there are electric bikes for sale in the UK that aren't legal to use!

To be legal to use in the UK your new electric bike should meet the following criteria:

  • The electric motor must not exceed the maximum power output of 250 watts.
  • The motor assistance should cease once a speed of 15.5 mph is reached. (above this speed you'll be doing all of the work)
  • The motor should only give assistance if the rider is pedaling the bike. So the use of a throttle to propel the bike without the user having to pedal is not permitted.

An electric bike for use in the UK and meeting the requirements above is know as an EPAC (electrically assisted pedal cycle) If the bike that you're considering purchasing DOES NOT meet the above criteria it is classed as a motorcycle or moped and as such would need to be taxed, insured and registered with DVLA. You'll also need a license and crash helmet to use one. It's also not permitted to use this type of cycle off road either unless you are using it on private property with the land owners permission.

Please note: All of the electric bike that we sell meet EPAC requirements and can be used here in England & Scotland (The rules for Northern Ireland differ - Please check the Gov wedsite for details)

Our advice would be not to consider purchasing a speed bike with a motor rated above 250 watts. Please note that we do not service, repair or offer software updates for any non-compliant electric bikes.

Source: Gov Website
Information correct as of November 2017