Why choose an electric bike?

Electric bikes are growing in popularity and the addition of electric assist makes cycling more enjoyable and relaxing. We're finding that users of all ages are now interested in purchasing an electric bike either for commuting, touring or just for the occasional ride. We're going to give you some reasons why an electric bike is worth considering.

1. Benefits for the environment.

A daily commute on an electric bike is not only good for the rider but it's also kinder to the environment as CO2 emissions of a car are generally about 40 times great than that of an e-bike. There are some fantastic cycle tracks to enjoy in our region so you can avoid the congestion of traffic and enjoy the great outdoors again.

2. Say goodbye to the headwinds!

A good electric bike makes riding into the headwinds so much more enjoyable. The assistance offered from the electric motor is like having an invisible hand gently pushing you from behind so the headwinds deminish and the hills look a little flatter.

3. An e-bike keeps you fit and mobile.

Electric bikes aren't for the idle! With an e-bike you can get as much exercise as you like. All current electric bikes are simply pedal assist and the level of assistance can be set by the rider. With an electric bike you'll almost certainly find that you ride more often and ride further than you would have with a traditional cycle.

4. E-bikes are perfect for commuting.

Use an electric bike to get to and from work and you'll not only save money, you'll also get a workout at the same time. With an electric bike you can forget the worry of arriving at work sweaty, the hills become more manageable and you'll enjoy the best bits of riding a bike again. We're seeing more and more customers looking for an electric bike to commute on and there's a number of e-bike in our range that are fully equipped with mudguards, lights and pannier rack so they're ready to go.

5. Everyone likes to save money!

Although an electric bike can be quite an expensive initial outlay, if you look after your e-bike it'll pay for itself pretty quickly. When comparing the running costs of an electric bike to a car and you factor in road tax, insurance and fuel then an e-bike starts to make perfect sense. An electric bike will typically cost around 20p per 100km in electricity, if you compare that to the fuel costs of a typical car which is around £12.00 for the same distance, an electric bike can save you lots of money over time.