The new Bosch Performance CX 2020 Gen 4 motor is on its way!

We’ve just ordered our first electric bikes with the new Bosch Performance CX 2020 Gen 4 motor as standard and they’re coming very soon. The New Focus Aventura 2020 models all come equipped with this new Bosch motor and a choice of either the 500wh Powertube battery or the new 625wh Powertube battery. There’s also an option on each bike to double that capacity up to a maximum of 1125wh so it’ll take you anywhere!

So what makes the new Bosch Performance CX 2020 motor better than it’s predecessor?

The new motor looks like it’s been modeled on the successful Shimano E8000 performance motor that you can find on our Focus Jam2 electric mountain bikes, a motor that we’ve always considered to be the best for mountain bike applications. It’s smaller and lighter than the previous Performance CX motor and crucially it doesn’t suffer from the same ‘resistance’ in the motor when you’re trying to pedal the bike above 16mph or with the power off.

Maximum torque is still 75nm but the motor has a very ‘sporty’ feel and in the turbo setting assistance is up from 300% to 340% under certain conditions.

Setting now are as follows:

  • Turbo: 340% / 75nm max torque
  • eMTB: 140-340% / 75nm max torque
  • Tour 140% / 50nm max torque
  • Eco 60% / 40nm max torque

The new Performance CX Gen 4 motor weighs just 2.9kg so there’s a weigh saving over the older CX motor. Bosch have also increased the Powertube battery capacity so that you can run 625wh internal battery but on most of the latest electric bikes you can ‘piggy back’ a second external battery on to give you maximum range with over 30ah of capacity possible.

Come along to The eBike Store in Durham and see what the new 2020 CX motor is like for yourself!


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