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Meet COBI, the perfect fusion of your smart phone and eBike.

It’s now possible to replace your Bosch Intuvia or Bosch Nyon display with your smart phone using a custom kit from COBI. COBI allows your to turn your eBike in to a smart eBike not only allowing you to control your Bosch eBike system from your phone, but also allowing you to integrate with other apps too. It unites several cycling essentials into one intelligent, intuitive, and hands-free dashboard. More safety, convenience, and fun, no matter where your journey takes you. The eBike Store in Durham hope to have some... Read More


How to look after your Kalkhoff electric bike battery.

Here’s some top battery advice from our friends at Kalkhoff bikes. Information about charging, storing and how the cold can affect your electric bike battery. This information generally applies to most electric bike batteries too. If you do need a replacement Kalkhoff battery or charger please give us a call. We also stock Bosch replacement ebike batteries and chargers too.


Safe Passing Distances

Close pass’ Campaign. Motorists are being urged to give cyclists more room when overtaking with the launch of a new road safety campaign designed


Meet the Trek Super Commuter +9 electric bike

Our first Trek Super Commuter has just arrived so we thought it was time to see just what this electric bike is like to ride. I’ve been using the Trek Super Commuter 9 now for a few months and it’s proved to be tough and reliable over the winter months.


Delivered In Style: New Van

Here’s a sneak preview of the design for our new electric bike delivery van that’s due to arrive next month. So we’ll be able to deliver your new electric bike…