Meet our new demo electric bike – Focus Bold2

Here’s our latest demo bike! The Focus Bold2 electric mountain bike sporting the latest Shimano E8000 centre drive motor.  If you’re thinking of buying an electric mountain bike then come along to our Durham store and book your demo ride.

So why the Shimano motor? Well it offers smooth power delivery and responds to the riders input better than rival motors. Unlike some motors, the Shimano E8000 will give just the right amount of assistance in all situations. The E8000 is one of the lightest motors in it’s class and this Focus electric mountain bike weights under 18kg – which when compared with the 2019 Trek Powerfly at 22kg ensures you’ll feel the weight and handling difference when you ride.

Our new Focus Bold 2 electric bike for demo


Well today we’ve taken the bike for it’s first ride around Hamsterley Forest. It handles well and the power delivery is spot on, just enough support when you need it. It can sail up hills with ease and the bike can even be ridden with the power off as the Shimano motor offer virtually no resistance at all. As for battery usage, well we covered 16 miles using the TRAIL mode and only dropped two bars on the battery meter.

Come along and try the Focus Bold2 electric mountain bike for yourself!

Or why not buy the Focus Jam2 electric mountain bike offering the same features but priced well under £3k.

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