Best buy for the electric bike commuter.

As many of you may know, we offer a small range of electric bikes that you can come along to try or even hire for a day or two. If you’re not sure which electric bike is best for your needs then this is the best way to find out and it’s financially risk free as we offer to refund any hire fee against the purchase of your chosen eBike.

We’ve been trying the new 2019 Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.I Move electric bike for ourselves to see what it’s like as a daily commuter. This bike is awesome! The new Kalkhoff EVO RS motor is powerful and quiet and it also energy efficient.

The best electric bike for commuting

The Endeavour 5.I Move has everything that you need as standard, lights, pannier rack and mudguards. The Racktime pannier has a built-in rear light unit too and we now stock a custom-made Kalkhoff pannier bag that easily attaches to this pannier rack.


So how does it perform?

Well, I’ve ridden lots of electric bikes over the years and I have to say that this eBike has really impressed me. The Impulse EVO RS electric motor is in my opinion better than the Bosch Performance CX motor for commuting. I’ve based that conclusion on the performance and efficiency of the motor. Having had two electric bikes with Bosch Performance CX motors and a 500wh battery unit, I found that I could get around 35 miles using the bike in the eMTB setting. The Impulse EVO RS feels like the Bosch eMTB setting when you use it in the SPORT mode and using SPORT mode I’ve managed to get over 45 miles on the same 500wh battery size.

The other noticeable difference between this motor and the Bosch is how the bike pedals when you reach that 15.5mph assisted level. The Bosch is hard work above this speed with some resistance in the motor. I found it easy to pedal at speeds above 15.5mph on the Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.I Move.

The lights are good for lit cycle routes but I’ve tested them in unlit conditions and I have to say that they’re adequate when there’s no other lighting around, you’ll get about 10-20 metres of visibility under these conditions.

So having done four commutes in wind and rain I have to say that this electric bike made the commute easy and enjoyable. You’re still going to do some work but with four levels of assistance to choose from you can select just how much work you’ll be doing. I pretty much rode the bike in Sport mode which is the second level of assistance but I did also try the Power and Ultra settings enabling me to ‘fly’ up the hills!

The Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.I Move comes in both gents and ladies frames and there’s also a good choice of frame sizes too.


Need some help navigating?

You can also download Kalkhoff’s own navigation app to your mobile device and pair it with the Endeavour 5.I for simple navigation and best of all the app is free!


I’ll report back once I’ve got a few more miles under the belt on the Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.I electric bike but so far it’s definitely the bike that I’d choose to get to and from work.

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