Battle of the eMTB’s! Focus Jam2 against Specialized Turbo Levo

We get asked a lot about the Specialised Turbo Levo and how it compares with our Focus Jam2 electric mountain bike.

Well here’s a great answer to that question from Singletrack online magazine. In the article they compare the Levo with the Focus and ‘the bottom line is’ they’d choose the Focus Jam2!

Why? Well the design has been thought through and although it has a smaller capacity battery than the Levo it wins on:

  • Handles more like a conventional mountain bike.
  • It’s lighter thanks to the smaller battery and Shimano E8000 motor. (you can ride it without power too!)
  • It uses the battery more efficiently so your range isn’t really impared.
  • The Focus Jam2 can carry a second battery so you can double your range.
  • It’s a better allrounder, it’s just a better bike. (in our opinion!)
  • Come along to The eBike Store in Durham and try one for yourself.

You can read the full review here: Battle of the eMTBs

Credit for the image and review to Singletrack.

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