bosch electric bike service centre

General price list for bike repairs and servicing:

As well as specialist eBike servicing we're also able to offer general repairs and bike servicing at our Durham store.


Includes: Brake and gear check + adjust, Full safety check, Tyre pressure check.

Includes: Same as Basic plus -  Inspect Bottom bracket, Headset and wheel bearings for play, Wheel straightness check + True

BRAKE SERVICE -£20.00 (Excludes hydraulic brakes)
AXLE SERVICE - £18.00 Includes new bearings.
HEADSET SERVICE - £18.00 Includes new bearings.



Fit an inner tube or tyre - £7.00 fitting (Excluding inner tube or tyre)
Brake or Gear cable fit - from £7.00*
Brake pad fit - from £7.00*
Chain or cassette fit - £10 each or £15 for both  
Bottom bracket fit - £20
Crankset fit - £15
Wheel true - from £15
Hydraulic brake bleed - priced from £15 per brake

Please contact us if there is a job you need doing that is not listed. PLEASE NOTE ALL PRICES ARE LABOUR ONLY. If any parts are required these will be charged in addition to the above prices.

Electric bike software updates and diagnostics:

Diagnostic report and error code removal (Bosch) - £30.00
Software update and diagnostic report (Bosch / Shimano) - £40.00 Recommended yearly to keep system up to date.
Software update (Kalkhoff Impulse / Impulse EVO / EVO RS - £40.00

Other electric bike repairs:

If you've purchased your electric bike from another dealer we can still offer repair and warranty work but we do charge for this service based on workshop time. Please ask for an estimate. We only offer support with Bosch / Shimano and Kalkhoff electric systems.

Please contact us to book an appointment or to discuss your needs. 0191 3849913
PLEASE NOTE: We only offer repair and service on eBikes that use Bosch, Shimano or Kalkhoff electrical systems.

bosch eBike service centre

Bosch eBike Servicing & Diagnostics

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Shimano eBike Servicing & Diagnostics

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