bosch electric bike service centre

General price list for bike repairs and servicing:

As well as specialist eBike servicing we're also able to offer general repairs and bike servicing at our Durham store.

Cycle service menu*:

  • Basic cycle service - priced from £30.00
  • Gear service and tune up - priced from £18.00
  • Brake service - priced from £18.00 (not hydraulic)
  • Full cycle service - priced from £50.00
  • Annual / 1000 mile eBike service - priced from £50.00

* Not including parts.

General repairs:

  • Supply and fit an inner tube - priced from £12.00 (including inner tube)
  • Brake check up and service (non hydraulic) - priced from £18.00
  • Hydraulic brake bleed - priced from £12.50 per caliper
  • Axle service - priced from £15.00 per hub
  • General repair work - £30.00 per hour.

Electric bike software updates and diagnostics:

  • Diagnostic report and error code removal (Bosch) - £25.00
  • Software update and diagnostic report (Bosch) - £30.00

Please contact us to book an appointment or to discuss your needs. 0191 3849913
PLEASE NOTE: We only offer repair and service on eBikes that use Bosch, Shimano or Kalkhoff electrical systems.


bosch eBike service centre

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